24th July 201

Chris Chope expresses his delight at election of his choice of Boris as the leader

The new Prime Minister is exciting, energetic and going to bring the best out of the British people…  I am delighted to be able to serve his Government on the back benches.  We now have a Conservative Party leader who actually believes in Conservative principles and values.   Boris is the closest match since Margaret Thatcher of a leader who embodies instinctive conservativism.  He believes in the small state and the freedom and responsibility of the individual.

Chris, in giving the comments above to the New Milton Advertiser (page1), emphasised that delivering Brexit by 31st October was most important and that an early General Election would be a major distraction. 


30th July 2019


Chris Chope criticises lifelong anonymity for teenage terrorist.

Speaking to the Daily Telegraph (page 1) Chris, who is a member of the House of Commons Home Affairs Committee, expressed his concern at the court decision to grant anonymity for life to a youth from Blackburn who was convicted of directing a plot for police officers to be beheaded during an Anzac Day parade in Melbourne, Australia.  

Chris believes that the decision should be subject to periodic review to ensure that the needs of rehabilitation are balanced with the principle that justice should be open and transparent.


1st August 2019


Chris Chope calls for Home Affairs Committee to investigate Scotland Yard’s handling of the VIP child abuse enquiry

Following the sentence of Carl Beech to 18 years imprisonment for his bogus claims of child rape and murder, Chris Chope, a member of the Home Affairs Committee, has called on the chairman of the Committee, Yvette Cooper, to agree to an urgent enquiry.  

Speaking to the Daily Mail (page 11), Chris Chope said “Is this an issue of sufficient significance that the Committee should be discussing it and conducting an enquiry?  Absolutely yes.”  He also suggested that the terms of enquiry should be wide enough to take into account pressure being put upon prosecuting and investigating where thought to be politically correct, regardless of the evidence.